There are so many different types of women’s bags but you are confusing which one is best for you. Each bag has specific characteristic. This article will guide to most popular 18 types of women’s bags with their appearance and available on the market.

1. Athletic bag
Athletic bag is a soft, flexible and large bag to carry sporting equipment or gym outfit. It has a large compartment and various small pockets on the sides. Moreover it contains a larger strap to hang across the shoulder and two small handles to carry like a handbag.

2. Backpack
Backpack is a stylish bag to make a fashion statement. It is comfortable to carry stuff wherever you go and ideal for sportswear, travelling, hiking or school. It comes with double back handles for supporting by the shoulders. Backpack may be supported by one or both shoulders. It has two or more compartments with zippers and various small pockets with zippers or no. Normally, they are large enough to carry books, laptops, cameras, clothing and other items for a day trip. It may also have side net pockets to place water bottles on the go.

3. Baguette Bag
The baguette bag is one kind of purse. The dimensions of this bag are rectangular which is relatively narrow from top to bottom and long from side to side. Usually it comes with a shoulder strap or a handle and secured with a clip or zippers. These types of women’s bag looks like a French baguette with the handle. The baguette purse is best, when you are looking for a casual uses bag. They are suitable to carry small items such as money, cards and lipstick. They are stylish and ideal for a night out or a romantic date night. The front flap makes the baguette bags more appealing.

4. Bucket bag
The design is simple but attractive. The shape of this women bag is like a bucket. Usually it has an open top or drawstring closure or a big button and shoulder strap. The bucket bag is very roomy and sturdy. They are used to carry various items such as make-up, money, cell phones. In modern day it can be used as a street fashion. Typically the style also features a crossbody bag. It may have a zipper for coins of cash on the side.

5. Clutch Bag
The clutch bags are small and rectangular size with no straps or handles. It looks more like a letter. It is closure with zippers and carried directly in the owner’s hand. The bag is lightweight and suitable for evening out. It is a very popular fashion accessory. Women use it to carry small necessary items like cards, driving license, money, make-up, cell phone etc.

6. Duffel Bag
Duffel is a larger bag which is usually used for travel or sports. Inside the bag has one big space to put every necessary thing. Typically it is made of waterproof, durable and flexible materials. The name originated from Duffel, a town in Belgium where the people use thick cloth to make the bag. Most of the bags have top drawstring openings that make it very sporty.

7. Hobo Bag
The bottom of the hobo bags are peculiar crescent shape. They are roomy with one main zipper opening top but inside the bag may have smaller compartments. It has shoulder straps for carrying. The women used this hobo bag to carry their personal things such as makeup, phones, tissue packs, wallets, keys, notepads and other accessories. It is suitable to pack lots of things for many occasions like beach party, sports outings or day trips. It is made of soft, flexible and colorful fabric, faux or pure leather.

8. Messenger Bag
This types of women’s bag has a long strap to worn across the body that resting on the lower back. It is made of more durable and water-resistant materials like leather, canvas, or wool compare to traditional bags. You can use this bag to carry Laptops, notebooks.

9. Muff bag
Muff bag is a type of purse which is suitable for winter season. It is made of real or faux fur, wool or velvet to keep the hand warm. It contains zippered compartments.

10. Saddle Bag
The large bags which are hanged over a saddle are recognized as saddle bags. The bags contain a saddle traps and can attach behind the saddle on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle. They come with various well designed pockets to carry all the accessories needed. The bags are very fashionable and popular among teenagers.

11. Satchel bag
The satchel bags are small or large handbags with double handles. This bag has a long strap to worn across one shoulder. They are ideal for students and picnics. They are suitable for carrying large items like books, files, laptop etc.

12. Shoulder bag
Shoulder bags are one of the most common and popular types of handbags for women. Any single or double shoulder strap containing bags are including in this category. They are various shapes and sizes.

13. Tote Bag
The tote bag is a medium to large bag with two straps or handles but not as large as the satchel. They are also known as a carryall or shopper. It is usually made of cloth, leather or other soft material. These types of women’s bags are perfect for traveling, grocery shopping, everyday use, office etc. it look very relaxed, trendy and stylish. Normally it has no pockets.

14. Wristlet
Wristlet is a clutch shaped bag. It includes a small bracelet looking strap at one of its ends to hold. You can carry money, credit cards, ID and a few makeup tools with this bag.

15. Beach bag
Beach bags are colorful large bags that are usually made of cloth, straw, jute, bamboo or other such material. To protect from moisture inside the bag may have a plastic lining. You can also use the bag for picnic, office and gym.

16. The Cross-body
Crossbody bags come with a long sturdy strap to wear across over the body. They are available in various shapes and sizes.

17. Wallet
Wallet is small flat case which is looking pocket sized. The bags are perfect to carry money, credit cards, ID etc.

18. Purse
Although the term “purse” means a small bag for holding coins but presently it is a small or medium bag that are used to carry money, cards, make up or other personal small items.

The above lists of different types of women’s bags are broad enough to get an understanding. Among them you can choose your best one that compliments your style.


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