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Cheap vintage clutch bags

The vintage clutch bags means a small bag with no handles or strap whose designs are ten to twenty years before but not more than 100 years ago. It can holds women’s few necessities personal things like a cellphone, lipstick, a driver’s license and a credit card. This Clutch bags are designed for carried by hand. Some of them may have a detachable chain or leather strap to hanging the shoulder. There are so many vintage style clutch bags; some of them are described here:

1. Gold Clutch Purses Classy Flower for Women Luxury Rhinestone Crystal Evening Clutch Bags Vintage Party

This vintage evening clutch bags is approximate 17 cm long, 6.5 cm height and 10.5 cm wide. As it is an evening purse so it is not very big but have enough space for your phone, lipstick and some other small essentials items. If you have an iPhone over 6s then it is not ideal for your phone. The bag is beautiful, gorgeous, Light weight, We’ll made. It will come with very well wrapped so ready for gift. It is suitable for all ages women’s and all seasons. The vintage style clutch bags are the perfect for add you an charming, elegance or whimsical look to any outfit.

Cheap vintage clutch bags
Gold Clutch Purses Classy Flower for Women Luxury Rhinestone Crystal Evening Clutch Bags Vintage Party


  • Seller Name: Weddinghelper
  • Material:Luxury Diamond
  • Color: Gold
  • Origin: China
  • Measurement: Approximate size is 17cm x 6.5cm x 10.5cm
  • Chain:36cm short chain and 120cm long chain removable
    Women evening handbag
  • Looks better than the picture
  • It makes you charming Elegant

2. Covelin Women’s Vintage Clutch Bags Flower Beaded Evening Tote Bag Hot

It is also a vintage evening clutch bags. You can hold many basic things such as cell phone, lipstick, perfume, keys, tissue and mirror. The size is fit for iPhone 6 but not fits for iPhone 6 plus. It includes a removable chain, so you can wear it on your shoulder with comfortable. Moreover, it has a handle for easy carrying and contains a inside keys or cards pocket. In addition the bag also contain a push lock at the top of the clutch so that it can provides security of an interior side pocket and easy access. The bag is rosettes printed and flower beaded. Therefore it looks elegant, gorgeous, affordable and unique. This vintage clutch bags are perfect for using many party, wedding, dating and other special occasions. You can wear this well made bag for every evening in Spring, Summer and Autumn and received so many compliments.

vintage evening clutch bags
Covelin Women’s Vintage Clutch Handbag Flower Beaded Evening Tote Bag Hot


  • Brand Name: Covelin
  • Origin: Imported
  • Materials: linen; the lining is polyester, beaded with flower pattern
  • Includes: metal handle, Push lock and removable chain, inside key pocket
  • It has a flat bottom to sit upright.
  • Rosettes printed and flower beaded
  • True colors to the picture.
  • Neat & Roomy
  • Fits upto iphone 6.
  • Measurement: 7.9″ x 6.7″ x 2.4″
  • Handle Drop: 2.8″.

3. ILISHOP Women’s Antique Beaded Party Clutch Vintage Rose Purse Evening Handbag

The vintage evening clutch bags is 7.1 inches long, 3.1 inches wide and 6.3 inches height. The design is very beautiful. The clutch has a push lock to protect your important things. It Also provides security to the interior side pocket. The bag comes with a removable shoulder length chain so that it can be hanging from the shoulder. Actually the bags contains two chains. One of them are short whereas another is long. The length of the short one is about 10-12 inches and the long one is about 24-30 inches. If you want to more long then you can combined the two chain. So you can worn four different ways. For example without a chain as a hand clutch or With a short chain for hanging on your wrist or a long chain as a cross body bag or too long chain (combining two). The vintage style clutch bags is elegant and fashionable. You can easily fit a phone, tissue, gum, mirror, lipstick, drivers license, credit card, cash, valet ticket, hair pins, safety pins and a few other small things.
vintage style clutch bags
ILISHOP Women’s Antique Beaded Party Clutch Vintage Rose Purse Evening Handbag


  • Brand Name: Ilishop
  • Materials: fabric lining and the frame, clasp and chain are metal.
  • Origin: China
  • Measurement: 7.1″ x 3.1″ x 6.3″ inches
  • Includes: Two removable chain
  • Perfect for formal party or proms making a bold and dramatic statement.

To complete your stylish evening look, these vintage clutch bags are the perfect for formal uses or any occasion.