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Blue Leather Tote Bags For Women

The womens Blue Leather Tote Bags are very sturdy, flexible and nice quality. It is made of high quality PU leather. You will love the design and color. It will goes with any outfit or any occasions. The bag is 11.41 inch long, 8.26 inch height and 5.51 inch wide. You can keep iPad, books and umbrella in it.
Blue Leather Tote Bags for womens
Women Handbag,Women Bag, KINGH Zip Closure Tote Vintage Shoulder Bag PU Leather 116

It has three compartments to manage things. The two side compartments are on magnetic button closer whereas the middle compartment is zipper closer. The inside of the middle compartment has one zippered pocket and tow non zippered pocket. In addition it has one outer zipper pocket in back side. It includes a pom pom ball and leaf with a chain which are so cute and hang in front side. It is removable so if you are not like them you can take them off; this ball can be a troy for you child.

You can wear the short straps on your shoulder. It has an adjustable strap that can be used for cross-body wear. You can take off this strap if you wanted.The metal buckles are really nice and shiny.


  • Brand Name: KINGH
  • Materials: PU leather
  • Includes: It has 1 adjustable strap.
  • Color: Blue
  • Vintage fashion & stylish design
  • Measurement: 11.41 inch(L) x 5.51 inch(W) x 8.26 inch(H)


  • It may have some bad odor. But you can do away this odor by spraying body spray into the side. Had a slight smell to it but I can no longer smell it after a day of using it. Moreover you can put it outside for several day.
  • You will not able to carry big types of books that are larger then 11.40 inches. The dimension of the womens blue leather tote bag is listed in the description, so you should pay attention to the size before order.

Black Leather Tote Bags For Women

Black leather tote bag for women is the most versatile bag. It can be fit for anywhere and keep anything. You can use them different ways such as school bag, laptop bag, gym bags, beach bags, overnight bags, shopping bags, work bags, knitting bags, and have many more uses. The word tote means “to carry”. So the tote bags are large sizes and roomy so that they can carry a good number of things. They can have one or several compartments. The tote bags are various design, durable, long lasting, re-usable and fashionable.

Ilishop Leather Handbag for Women Large Shoulder Bags Totes

This black leather tote bag has two sizes, big and small. The length, wide and height of the big sizes bag is about 48 cm, 15 cm and 30 cm respectively whereas the length, wide and height of the small sizes bag is about 38 cm, 13 cm and 26 cm respectively. The small bag comes with an additional adjustable and detachable strap. It is well made and the manufacturing leather is high quality. It has lots of room which is perfect for 15 inches laptop. it has 3 interior compartments. Among them the middle compartment is closure with zippered and rest two are opened. Moreover, it has three interior pockets. The whole interior bag are zippered closed so that nothing falls out. The height of strap is about 22 cm which is big enough for the shoulder. This bag is beautiful, soft, lightweight and the zipper is close smoothly.
Black leather tote bag for women
Ilishop Leather Handbag for Women Large Shoulder Bags Totes


  • Brand Name: Ilishop
  • Origin: Imported
  • Measurement: Big size: 48cm(L) X 15cm(W) X 30cm(H) and Small size:38cm(L) X 13cm(W) X 26cm(H)
  • Compartment:three interior compartment
  • Pocket: 3 interior pocket.
  • 1 middle zipper compartment.
  • The hand strap height: 22cm
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Material: Leather and lining is a heavy nylon type
    This bag has several rooms to keep things organized, it can put iPad
    or A4 paper sized documents

Tess Genuine Leather Leah Convertible Tote – Black

Tess Genuine Leather Leah Convertible Tote – Black – $200.00

A versatile tote bag that can be carried in different shapes. Fun and colorful design for everyday use.

Brown Leather Tote Bags For Women

If you are looking for brown leather tote bag than you come at right place. Here we review on some tote bags. These are stylish, nice quality and roomy. The construction is sturdy and easy to wear. They can be genuine leather or synthetic leather. This handbag is very soft and flexible and very well stitching.

1. AB Earth 3 Pieces Women Hobo Handbag PU Leather Totes Matching Wallet Satchel Shoulder Bag

This AB earth fashionable bag is very soft, flexible, stylish and nice quality. It is brown in color but Black, Apricot, Soil Color, Purple, Pink, Orange, Taupe are also available. Everyone will love the color and style combination. It is very well construction and you can easily wear it. The bag is 15 inches long, 10.8 inches height and 5.11 inches wide. It contains 3 pieces hand bag set such as 1 larger tote bag, 1 coin purse and 1 detachable smaller inner top zip bag. They also come with an adjustable strap which is 47.24 inches long.
Brown Leather Tote Bags For Women
AB Earth 3 Pieces Women Hobo Handbag PU Leather Totes Matching Wallet Satchel Shoulder Bag

The larger handbag has three inner pockets and one external pocket. Among the inner pockets two slit type and one is zipper type. This bag includes an 8.86 inches handle drop which is long enough to hang over the shoulder. You can easily hold a 10 inches laptop in main compartment.

The medium tote bag is also roomy. You can use it for wallet, cell phone and small valuables makeup. You can use it as a as a crossbody bag by attaching straps. This long strap can also be attached with the large bag. The little purse with zipper closure is good for an ID, headphones, small keyring, driver’s license or similar.

Materials: The tote bag is made of high quality synthetic leather/ PU leather. It is durable, soft and easier to clean but is not as durable as genuine leather.


  • Brand Name: AB Earth
  • Materials: Durable Soft synthetic leather
  • Includes: 3 pieces handbag set – 1 large tote bag, 1 coin purse and 1 detachable smaller inner top zip bag
  • Color: Brown
  • adjustable strap: 47.24 inches long
  • Stylish, Neat & Roomy
  • Measurement: 15″W x 5.11″D x 10.8″L
  • Handle Drop: 8.86″
  • They offer 1 year quality warranty.

When you buy the brown leather tote bag then will get a strong smells like fish. It is really bad. To get rid of the smells you should let it sit out for about two or more days then the smell fades. If you want to get rid of quickly then you can place it on a very windy area for hour’s or spray perfume inside the bag.