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What color shoes to wear with blue dress

There are many color shoes go with blue dress. The choice depends on event and on the shade of blue (royal, marine, king, etc.). The blue is the color of elegant, confidence and intelligence. It is one of the most popular dress colors for both men and women. It may be lighter or darker blue. If the color of the shoe is too dark, then the look of the shoe is more attractive than the dress. Again if the color of the shoe is too light, it will make your legs look like floating. That’s not what we want; so you have to pair it with any color cleverly. Below, we combine different shades of blue dresses and focus on what color shoes to wear with blue dress. Hard to find footwear that matches your pants, suit, skirt or dress. We know black, white, and red are the three colors most often greatly paired with blue dress. Still, we’ve gathered a quick, easy guide to wearing every color shoe with your favorite blue outfit.

White Shoe

White shoes with a blue dress is very trendy and provide a encourage looking.

Basic shoe

If you want to focus your dress and serious & formal looks, then the basic color shoes are great with a blue dress. This shoe would match with all most all color garments, so you should keep this shoe in your wardrobe. 

Nude shoe

Blue clothing with nude or skin color shoes will best suit. For blue dress, it is the safest bet and never goes out the trend. Although its popularity may vary in depends on different shades. They complement each other and attractive to all skin tones.

Black shoe

To complete a look you can wear black shoes with blue dress. Black shoes never feel boring and can be adapted for any occasion.

Silver Shoe

You can also choose a royal blue dress with silver shoes. They match perfectly and will bring a unique shine.

Red Shoes

The colors of red or near are the colors of women’s choice and temptation. You can wear heels or flats in red, maroon, wine, red-violet, Pompeian, Carmine, Venetian, cardinal, brick or cherry color with a blue dress. Elegant women in red shoes look majestic, strong and stylish.

Golden Shoe

However, some comments suggest that golden shoes are not a good sign of blue clothing. Yet if one wants to wear it, it is not bad to choose the right one. But be careful not to overdo it and the result is not disastrous, but the result looks sophisticated.

Tan Shoes

You can wear neutral colors such as tan or light brown shoes with blue color dress in a fashionable way.

Pink Shoes

Pink shoes can go well with a blue dress, depending on the choice. Many women like this trend. If you prefer to wear pink shoes with a blue dress, see the image below for inspiration.

Yellow and Orange Shoes

Shoes in yellow and orange based shades work great with navy blue colors.


Here are just a few of our favorite footwear of the various colors with the blue dress. Depending on what you want to highlight, there are so many options for your blue dress that you can choose from the one that interests you the most. You can add watches, earrings, bracelets, head chains, rings and even makeup to match the colors in a striking way. You have to be careful not to overdo it.

What color shoes with red dress

What color shoes with red dress is a little bit complicated. It depends on so many things such as personality, occasion, kind of dress, style of dress, variation of the red color (strong, bold, shades etc) and more also. Sometimes it may depend on what accessories you are chosen. It does not a matter what type of red dress is but it is a matter to make the correct choice so that you are looking perfect. It may be burgundy, poppy or a pink tickled-red hue. Normally most of the women’s likes bold color red dress. Overall, the following are the best color shoes with a red dress.

Black shoes

Black shoes are fit with for color variation of red dress. It is neutrals and classic color that is match with everything. Black chunky style heel boots look excellent with a red sweater dress. It looks strong and elegant. It is symbol of sexy and sophisticated look.

Silver shoes

Silver shoes with a red dress would provide a sparkle and elegant looking. You can wear a silver color metallic jewelry or gold color necklaces for great matching. It is incredibly appropriate for evening parties or formal. They silver color shoes may be pointed-toe pumps, heels, brogues or sandals.

Metallic shoes

As like black shoes metallic shoes goes with almost all type of red dress. It is also a neutral color.
metallic shoes with red dress
PUMA Women’s Fierce Metallic Cross-Trainer Shoe

White shoes

White shoes with red dress provide an innocently sexy look. It is great for spring or summer, but not for wintertime. It would be a bright white boot, pumps, sandal or sneaker. This color shoes are great if the dress has some white feature. The variation of white may also be off-white, nude white, or ivory white. You have to know that all the women’s would not like this color shoes for most special occasion.

Red shoes

Many women may not like to wear red shoes with a red dress. The red shoes will goes with red dress, if the dress has different shades and textures; otherwise it may ruin your looks.

Gold Shoes

This combination of red dress with gold shoes is particularly ideal for parties, celebration and other evening occasions. The shoes may be metallic gold. For example, metallic gold shoes combined with a red color gown for a formal or cocktail occasion can convert your look amazing. Whether a warmer or cooler toned heel, sandal or flat, gold definitely reigns supreme. Be sure to choose the right shade, so they’re not too flashy and don’t wear accessories that overshadow the dress. You can wear silver jewelry with these for great matching.

Blue color shoes

Normally women’s would not consider a blue shoe with a red dress, but sometime some of celebrities are shown to wear blue shoes with a red dress. You can choose darker navy blue or turquoise blue shoes.

Pink shoes

Every shade of pink will not goes with all type or shade of red dress. Therefore, you have to choose carefully; for example you can wear a pink shoes with light red dress. In this case you can also choose a pink color accessory.
What color shoes with red dress
Guess womens alexes – pink

Contrasting color shoes

When selecting what color shoes to wear with a red dress, you can also choose contrasting colors, provided the occasion permits.

Green color shoes

Normally women’s do not like green color shoes with a red dress. But you can combine a bright apple green for some occasions like Christmas and saint Patrick’s day. You should always remember fashion is about choice; so it may right or wrong what people choose to wear.

Nude color shoes

A nude color shoes will be a perfect match with a red dress and it will really stand out and look exclusive. This fashion is fabulous for a professional environment.

Brown Shoes

Brown Shoes are also goes with red dresses. These shoes are really a very close match to your skin tone.

Top Moda Women’s Ankle Strap Open Toe Heeled Sandal

Burgundy shoes

Another great option is to pair the red dress with a burgundy shoe that’s either a strappy sandal or a patent leather pump. Since red and burgundy are in the same color family, you should incorporate other accessories, like a maroon belt or wrap that contains red or burgundy.

The above color shoes with red dress will do the most fairness. But some cases you should consider occasion and season.