The women’s dresses consist of a skirt with an attached bodice. There are different types of women’s dresses available like Gown, Maxi Dress, Midi Dress, Mini Dress, Tube Dress, Sheath Dress, Pencil Dress, Bodycon Dress. It can be formal or informal. The formal dresses are worn for special occasions such as proms or weddings. All the dresses are not suitable for all women’s. It depends on their body types.

1. Gown or Long Dress
Gown means the dress which has floor length consisting with bodice and attached skirt. It is a formal dress like wear for weddings, proms or ballroom. There are different types of grown such as academic gown, evening gown, ball gown, wedding gown, bedgown, hospital gown, nightgown etc.

2. The Maxi Dress
The maxi dress is refers to the length up to the ankles. It is an informal women’s dress. This dress is suitable for the woman who has a long torso or slim and rectangular body. You can wear them during summer, evening party, and casual getaways.

3. Midi Dress
Midi dress is used to refer to any dress that generally ends somewhere between your knees and mid calf. You can wear them for casual wear, travel, evening parties or casual dinners.

4. The Mini Dress
Mini dress is used to refer to any dress that ends above the knee. This dress is especially suitable for short woman. It can accentuate their legs and make them look longer.

5. Tube Dress
Tube dress is a stretchy, tight fitting dress which is typically sleeveless or strapless. It is a long hollow type and fit at the bust going straight down like a tube. You can wear them at Weddings, Cocktail and dinner parties.

6. A Sheath Dress
A sheath dress is close fitted to the body. It is perfect for a formal women’s dress. So you can wear them many cocktail or ballroom parties. They are suitable for most of the body type but apple type figure is better. The difference between sheath dress and shift dress is that shift dress is roomier than sheath dress. Many celebrities, political women’s like Michelle Obama are like to wearing sheath dresses.

7. Lace Dress
A lace dress is classic and much more glamorous dress. It is made from cotton, silk or linen thread. In lieu of thread the lace may also made of a fine copper or silver wire. It is available in different color and pattern.

8. Pencil Dress
A pencil dress is a slim fitting dress which is narrow and straight like a pencil. It is perfect for formal dress. They are suitable for your office or cocktail parties. It just falls to hem or below the knee.

9. Bodycon Dress
Usually the bodycon dress fits tightly and touches all the bend of women possesses from the bust to the lower hem. They are made from stretchy materials like lyrca or polyester. You can wear them as formal dress. They are suitable for evening party, cocktail party or office wear.

10. High Low Dress
The hem of the high low dress is higher in the back or side and lower from the front. It is also known as asymmetrical dress. Any type of body possesses woman can wear them.

11. Peplum Dress
The peplum dress is the dress which has a short, slightly flare strip of fabric attached at the waist over a narrow skirt. It may goes up to the knees but most flattering length is about 2-3 inches below the hip. It is a bold style and formal dress. You can wear them out on your date nights and dinner parties. It works great for curvy girls.

12. A-line Dress
The A-line dress is narrower at the hips and gradually widens towards the hem. Therefore it looks like the shape of the capital letter A. Almost all the women who are worn these dresses looks very goods. As this type of dress is narrow at the waist, hence you should always careful with your waist size before ordering the dress.

13. Off Shoulder Dress
Off Shoulder dresses do not have collar or shoulders. It may contains sleeves just across the arms or no sleeves at all. It will be giving your body some show in the shoulder areas. You can wear these dresses at many formal parties like wedding, opera etc.

14. Cape Dress
A cap sleeve dress contains a very short sleeve that only covers the shoulder, without covering below armpit level. This sleeve is not tight fit; it is loose fit above the arms. It makes the dress more feminine and elegant. You can add a cap sleeve dress to your collection for your different parties. Usually an outfit is worn below this dress or it may attach to the dress.

15. Layered Dress
The layered dress means the dress which has sheer fabric layers over or below the main fabric. These extra fabrics may contain in overall outfit, front or side slits. You can wear this dress at casual parties, Beachwear, Pool parties or travelling time.

16. T-shirt
Enjoy your hot summers with T-shirt. Including the sleeves and the body it looks t shape. For this reason it is called t shirt. It is short sleeve type dress. These dresses are unisex. The t shirt is lightweight and inexpensive.

17. Sweater Dress
A sweater is a knitted dress which is traditionally made of wool and wear to cover the torso and arms for warmth. Normally it is wear over a shirt, blouse, tee shirt, or other top. Without wool it is also made from cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination of them. It may be pullover or a cardigan. The both types pullover and cardigan covers torso and arms. The main difference is that the pullover is closed at the front side whereas cardigan is open at the front side. These dresses are cling tight. The sweater dresses are available in different lengths, from thigh length to close to the ankle but the most common length sweater ends just at the knee.


You can choose best fitted dress according to your body type or your choice from these different types of women’s dresses.


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