You can use a gift card in different ways. It may be pay for full of purchase, part of a purchase or multiple purchases. The common minimum loading amount is $10 whereas maximum loading amount is $500. Among the gift cards some are reloadable. They have an expiry date and will not ending for at least five years from the date the card was purchased. They cannot be cashed out but the money can be transferred to a replacement card at no cost. Contact the company that issued the card. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Visa or American Express, bank etc. are issue gift card. Many credit card companies also enable you to convert rewards points for store issued gift cards. You can use these gift cards at the stores whose branding they bear.
Types of gift cards

Types of Gift Cards

There are two types of gift cards available for purchase – virtual gift card and physical gift card.

Virtual gift card

Virtual gift card may contain pin code, card number and delivered by email. You can use this pin and number when you are shopping .The merchandise provides all the steps how to use them. These gift cards are planned for online use only but not allowed in their physical stores.

Physical gift card

The majority of gift card are made of actual piece of plastic. These cards contain specific number, code, barcode or magnetic strip but not a person name. So anybody can use them. You can use these gift cards for your purchase at physical store. Moreover, most of them are perfect for online uses.


If you face difficulty with any type of gift card, you can contact with the company that issued the card. They will resolve the problem. Includes lost or stolen the card.


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