Retro Style Native American BOHO Poncho Fits US Size 2 – 6

This Retro Style Native American Poncho is very pretty, fashionable, amazingly comfortable, soft and high quality. The weakness of this native poncho is that it is thin and lighter. Hence, if you want wear it during winter season, it is recommended you should wear a sweater, pullover or heavy t-shirt underneath it. As it is thin so it’s not limited for chilly weather, you can wear it any other time of the year especially at autumn and spring season. It keep you gentle warm during autumn and spring season.
native american poncho
Retro Style Native American BOHO Poncho Fits US Size 2 – 6 (Item# 834)


  • Seller name: NI9NE
  • Bohemian style native poncho
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Color: Multi Color and great looking – every one love it
  • Wash: Machine washable gentle cycle
  • Size: This native american poncho is fits for US size from 2 to 8

Some people complain about the quality of fabric of this dress but many people said that the quality of fabric is not bad; according to price it is high quality. On the other hand, there is no question about the color, pattern and design. Most of the people said that the pattern of this Native poncho is excellent and very appealing. Every one loves it for looking great, fashionable. It is not expected too much with this cheap price.

Most of the customers said that this native american poncho is fits great according to size but some people said that the size is not same as they expected. Normally it is tight fitting; it is not as loose as it is seen in the picture. Therefore, if you want loose fitting then, it is advice to buy one size up from your actual size. Otherwise you can buy right size.

This native american poncho is a bohemian style and well made. An off shoulders poncho style wrap, totally sexy and comfy. If you want to get so many compliments then, you can buy this Native American poncho.
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