Shoes are objects which people uses for protection of their foot. It is very old concept that they cover their feet with skins and fur of animals. There are many different types of female shoes available in today which are various colors, styles and designs. It is made of leather, plastic, rubber, or synthetic material. It has two parts upper and sole. It ought to be comfortable and stylish. Usually it is wear up to or below the ankle. Some of the common types of shoes are – boots, Sneakers, Sandals, Pumps, flat, Slippers.

It has various activities like decoration and fashion, safety equipment, protect against. The soles may divide into three layers like insole, midsole and outsole. Most types of shoes are designed for specific activities.

1. Boots

Boots are specially designed for heavy outdoor use or protection to the feet. There are several types of boots like cowboy boots, rigger boots, fashion boots etc. In winter, a special type of tall boots are preferred which is go well with everything, comfortable and keep you warm.

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are typically designed for particular sports like running, walking and physical exercise related activity. For this reason it is also known as athletic shoes. Moreover it is also used as casual shoes. For comfortable and flexible the sole of these shoes are made of rubber. They go well with most of the outfit.

3. Flip flops

These shoes are so much comfortable and considered as casual footwear. Moreover it is also worn in different formal occasions.

4. Sandals

These types of shoes are preferred for warm season. They may contain straps and heel. It left uncover the toes. The sandals are worn in different occasions.

5. Slip on

These types of shoes fully cover the toes and you can easily wear it. The slip on shoe is also known as loafers.

6. Ankle straps

These type of shoes of female looks very stylish and have one or more straps around the ankles. The ankle straps shoes may contain heel or no heel.

7. Pumps

The pump is a lightweight heeled shoe which covers the toes with low cut front and without a fastening for women. You can wear it with a suit or a uniform or formal and informal dress. It may also a part of outfit of your ballroom dance. They can be made from any type of materials, but the leather pump is more popular. Heels usually vary from half inches to four inches. You can easily take off and put on these shoes compared to high heels with buckles.

8. Platforms

The sole of these platforms shoes are thick. It may be 1 to 4 inches. It makes the shoes more comfortable compared to other heel shoes of same sizes. Now a days, the platform is very fashionable.

9. Wedged Heels

As like platforms the sole of these wedges shoes are thick. Therefore many people confuse with platforms and wedges. In case of wedges the main difference is that the sole in the form of a wedge which is serve as both the sole and the heel. The sole is much thicker at the back than at the front. They are suitable for spring and summer, but depending on the used materials you can wear them whole year round.

10. Peep toes

The front of the peep toe shoes is an opening at the toe box to show the toes. They include all shapes and sizes. They are very stylish and elegant.

11. Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are a typically footwear which has very thin heel or no heel at all. They are lightweight. Usually you can use them for running a race, beach days, summer times or casual wear as well as dancing.



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