These assorted crystal rhinestone bead are fits with all major brand bracelets, such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Biagi and Zable. Total bead number ten. You will get randomly any 1o of beads that are shown in the picture. They are very pretty and have some weight. All beads are 10 mm height and 8 mm width.
crystal rhinestone bead
Ten Assorted Crystal Rhinestone Bead Charm Spacers

  • Brand Name: Pro Jewelry
  • Number of Assorted Crystal Rhinestone Beads: 10
  • Material: Crystal
  • You Will Receive Random 10 Beads Mix
  • Diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Sizes: Height: 10 mm and Width 8 mm
  • Fits: All major Brand Bracelets, such as Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Kay, Biagi, Zable, and other add-a-bead bracelets.

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